Monday, October 26, 2009

Farmville Cheats? Not Really! - Just Secret Tips And Tactics from the Pro's 100% Legal!!

The title of this blog maybe a bit deceiving for many as you would probably think that you are finding cheats for farmville. What you need to realize is that cheats will never get you anywhere and your actually risking more when you do it. Zynga will ban anyone that attempts to hack or exploit any of their games and if you get caught expect to banned for life and have your account terminated for eternity.

Your only cheating yourself if you start using these methods to get ahead, what you need is some techniques and strategies that are proven to work and are used by only the 'select few' that play that game at a high level.

Many players of farmville spend hundreds of hours trying to build cash and experience points but what they need is a farmville strategy guide that unlock farmville cheats will teach them step by step how to gather millions of coins for their farm, build unbelievable XP points and learn what kind of commodities are more productive than others.

For example they might grow crops but not take into account the time it takes for the choosen crop to mature, they might select to crop before they go to bed but find in the morning when they get up that the crop had died so their profit goes to waste.

Sometimes all you might do is grow crops since its the most profitable item to sell, but what happens if they all fail?

Most would use a farmville cheat to get around it but if you use a farmville strategy method you can avoid situations like this occurring.

If you read a farmville guide one of main fundamentals it will teach you is to diversify and farm a combination of things like animals, trees, and crops.

There's always a chance crops can go bad and if you only grow crops then you can't recover any loss profits or sell anything else to replace them failed crops.

These are common mistakes newbies and even seasoned players make, this often leads them to rely on farmville cheats or bots and hacks that will get ultimately get them in trouble and eventually have their accounts deleted from the server.

With a well written farmville secrets guide you can learn safe methods and strategies that will help you dominate your mates and make your farm the richest on the web server.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Farmville Cheats - Learn Strategy and Tips from Pro Farmville Players

Zynga has certainly led the way in releasing well-liked web based games on social networking sites like facebook, or myspace. Titles like Mafia Wars have managed to recruit millions of members internationally. Now Zynga has released another social networking game called farmville and has proven to be more preferred than mafia wars by being able to sign up over sixty million users allover the world and still continuing to grow. Just like other well-liked games folks will go to remarkable lengths to find farmville cheats to beat their chums and reign over the server.

When things are not going how you planned on farmville or on any game cheats for farmville are the following option to getting that extra advantage over your friends. I have been playing games for years now and I have used game cheats or exploits to gain the edge over my mates.

You will probably thinking that there are masses of fan sites that post farmville cheats but what they ignorant of is that most of these cheats are outdated. Zynga continually monitor their servers and are quick to find any kind of exploit that might compromise the integrity of the game. However with a guide that contains continuing updates on the latest cheats on farmville you can stay a jump ahead of them.

However, you do not necessarily have to chance having your account banned and being blacklisted from the server. Rather than using cheats or exploits that are questionable, you may use tips and methods which will work and make you tons of money, XP points, and make you level up super quick on farmville. By using these techniques of secret unknown guru tips you can instantly rule the server you are on with your mates and so own the largest most wealthiest farm on farmville. I'm able to go on about all of these different tips and methods that only the top farmville players know but its best that you download a guide that can give you the insider information.

Below is what you'll learn with a Farmville technique guide :

- Quickly build up big amounts of experince points in a short peroid
- Accumulate vast amounts of coins for your farm, make millions!!
- learn how to level up faster than your buddies, no longer be the inferior one in the group.

Using Farmville cheats is threatening and can cause more harm than help, you can lose more than you can gain - like having your account banned or have your IP blacklisted to make sure you don't subscribe ever again. It's better to play by the guidelines and use cheats or tips that can provide you with long term success and not risk you losing everything.

SO where do you find a Farmville strategy guide that will teach you all that you need to grasp on the easy way to DOMNIATE FARMVILLE.

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